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Engineered Hardwood Floors in Keller, TX

Technology makes your life better in so many ways, and that applies to your choice of flooring too. Advances in manufacturing have resulted in engineered hardwood floors that are particularly good at handling moisture and resisting warping. Design Floors Keller provides you the finest selection of engineered hardwood flooring in the area.

Contact us today for engineered hardwood flooring installation in Keller, Southlake, Westlake, Roanoke, Haslet, Argyle, Trophy Club, and Richland Hills, Texas. Our flooring company has been in business for 10 years, but we offer you 25 years of experience.

Wood Floors in Keller, TX

The Making of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The difference between hardwood and engineered hardwood is in the manufacturing process. Engineered hardwood floors are made with several layers of wood laminated together into an individual plank. With all of these layers, you can imagine how durable engineered wood is.

Even though different types of wood are used, the visible top layer is veneer of the wood species and finish of your choice, whether domestic or exotic. This is why engineered hardwood flooring is as handsome as solid wood flooring. Ask our experts for a free estimate to install engineered wood in your home.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation

As this type of flooring is more resistant to water than others, it is a viable choice for any room of your house. Install engineered hardwood flooring in high humidity areas, such as the basement, or low humidity areas, such as over radiant heat and concrete flooring.

To install the flooring, our skilled technicians use urethane to glue down the planks. For these pros, the job goes quickly and smoothly so you can install one day, and walk on the floors the next. With every installation, we provide a two-year labor warranty.

Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Floors

The manufacturing process results in a number of advantages of engineered hardwood. For one, the laminated layers are sturdy and resilient, but the biggest advantage is moisture control. Some kinds of wood may expand when humidity is high and contract when levels are low. Engineered wood provides more stability, with less chance of splitting, buckling, and warping. In addition, these floors are easy to maintain and promote healthy indoor air quality because they resist dust and other allergens.

It is a versatile option for any household, but especially one that must withstand heavy foot traffic and active children and pets.

For versatility in flooring, contact us today for engineered hardwood flooring installation. We sell and install this handsome and sturdy flooring in homes in Keller, Southlake, Westlake, Roanoke, Haslet, Argyle, Trophy Club, and Richland Hills, Texas.